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The reunion committee is working on the plans for the 50th Reunion. Click above for the very lastest. It’s changed!

ALSO: If your contact information (especially email) has changed, shoot us an email to let us know about the changes!)

Welcome to the long overdue official F. J. Reitz Class of 1967 website. Like life itself, it is not finished, nor will it ever be finished as long as there are any of us left to remember.

We have spent long hours scouring dusty libraries and phone books and Googling the Internet and talking to classmates to find all of you. You will notice however that there are some gaps in the information here.

Part is missing because folks have drifted off without a trace, either by accident or design. Part is missing because of unfortunately quite legitimate privacy concerns. It is not our intent to violate your notion of personal privacy. The inclusion of information is your decision alone. So things like the town you now call home if not Evansville or your email address will be published here only if you want it to be. Unless we get it from you or get your permission, we will not include it. You will receive an email requesting this and of course, we will abide by your decision.

Why didn’t we do this long ago? Well life is just like that isn’t it? If everything were the way it is supposed to be, we’d all have hair and those missing teeth and fit into our high school jeans. Enjoy it, revel in it and all we’ve accomplished and created.

That being said, we encourage all of you to participate and share the joy we have felt in working on this cooperative venture. Come back often and stay as long as you like. We’ll be working in the background trying to find everyone and post as quickly as we can reasonably verify what we’ve found. The absolute best is when we get a phone number and call and the voice comes back and says, “Yeah, that’s me!”

AND, if you have any suggestions or feedback or input yea or nay, shoot us some email. We’ll either take up your idea and run with it or we’ll ignore you completely. Seriously, we’ll let you know, one way or the other with our thanks. This site does belong to you after all.

PS, a little bit ago, we had some trouble with the website and some data which appeared in the last version of the site might have been lost. If you notice anything missing, please let us know and we will do our best to restore it.


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