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Here is a tiny version of the 10th reunion photo that was taken from what seems like about 300 feet at the West Haven Gun Club . We have one of the original 8-1/2 x 11 photos and have taken it to Schmitt photo for enlargement. When this is done, we will publish the photo in sections here. Until then, we offer this tiny version that contains a link to a huge scan that you can view if you have a broadband connection or a lot of patience.


Click to view a larger version but be prepared for a wait.

Still having trouble? Here’s an attempt to clarify the photo. We took it to Schmitt Photo and had it scanned at 3000 dpi (dots per inch, anyway, it’s a lot). The photo file is huge, far too large to publish here in one piece. So what’s one to do? That’s right. Cut it in pieces. Click on a section as marked and see an enlargement of that part of the photo:

10reunionschmittworkb0302Section DSection CSection BSection ESection A

Well folks, the next time you decide to do this, let’s find some bleachers please. Milton Yuan

We can also use some help in identifying everyone here. We know it’s not that clear, but it’s the best we can do for now.

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