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The 30th was held at Echo Valley. Take a look at some additional photos from Patty Qualls found recently


Front row: Jeanette Weiss, Delores Overbey, Beth Grosheart, Linda Jones,??, Evelyn Gulich, Bob Ogura, Tom Wright, Dana Sharp
Back row: Eddie Merritt, Milton Stirsman, Mike Tiemann, Bill Majors, Steve Helfrich, Tom Wright, Dana Sharp

Any corrections or help here?


2011-08-17 15-23-52_0125_resize

Milton is guessing Tom Sales and Terry Hurt. Since he wasn’t there, he could be wrong. Who’s got a better idea? Let us know!

2011-08-17 15-26-29_0126_resize

Pam, Patty, and Linda

2011-08-17 15-29-05_0128_resize

Karen, Delores and Patty

2011-08-17 15-33-22_0130_resize

Delores, Sam and Patty

2011-08-17 15-37-01_0132_resize

Alice, Carolyn, Delores, Vicky and Karen

2011-08-17 15-30-41_0129_resize

Pam, Kathy, Carolyn, Patty,Judy, Linda

2011-08-17 15-35-53_0131_resize

Steve Helfrich is on the left. Who is stepping across to the right?

That’s Ed Merritt, Milt Stirsman, Delores Overbey Howard and Mickey Weiss.



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