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Well, I know it isn’t really a reunion but where else are we going to put it? Watch for photos, lots of photos, tons of photos, right here.

After complaining about the photographer at the 10th, now is the time for Milton to put up or shut up. Let’s see how he does if he’s so smart!

rev-upThe 44th year class event was originally planned as a little gathering at Howell Shelter House, maybe 30 or 40 people. It became so much more, and as much as it was an incredible evening, it also epitomized a desire from the class to do more together as a group when they did get together.

This was a year of taking chances for many. Will anyone remember me? Will I be ignored?; will the people I really hung with be there?. I hope that for all, these questions were answered properly. This was a really complete cross section of the class with every facet of the jewel shining brightly.

Now we begin with the photos that we have. Hopefully we will be able to supplement these with the photos you send to us for all to see.

Reitz Class of 67, be proud of what you did last night!

Click on the photos for full size - large file - be prepared to wait.......



 Centennial centennial2011resize02

Cynthia Heights

Scott scott2011resize02

Tekoppel tekoppel2011resize

Daniel WertzWertz2011resize

West Terracewestterrace2011resize

Various various2011resize


We won’t be needing magnifying glasses this year.

Milton Yuan, Jack of all Trades;
                  Master of None.


This is a gigantic file taken before Milton started yakking. Prepare for a wait. To magnify, pick the location and click. Don’t try to use the sliders. Your browser will go crazy. It’s a little tedious but you’ll see just about everyone in one photo as most of them sat at the tables. I put 6 shots of ‘em together as I swivelled in one spot.

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