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Linda Lively Yuan, Linda Braeme Gamblin, Mike Connors, Dolores Overbey Howard,
Patty Qualls noodling over how to make the Class Cruise to Somewhere happen.

Just like the Condo Drawing Vacation took a long time to plan so that it would turn out well, the same approach is being used by the Cruise to Somewhere Committee to make this Class Cruise to Somewhere turn out just as well.

First some myths dispelled. This ain’t no john boat or a Bass Tracker. This is a huge city on the sea which will be undisturbed and completely stable except in the heaviest seas. They have gyroscopic stability systems that automatically compensate the slightest variation from level. Next, while pricing is most favorable during Hurricane season in the Caribbean, it’s not a good idea to book cruises over a couple nights out to sea during hurricane season unless absolutely unavoidable.

Here’s the way it is laying out so far.

It is going to happen in January or February of 2013. After getting into the details, it was clear that unless it was at least a year off, planning would interfere with the Reunion planning and would help keep the costs low. It will also give everyone interested a chance to plan and save for the trip.

It is so far off because that is one of the ways you get the best pricing. The other way is to find a trip planner/aggregator who can wheel and deal the best rates for either a combination air/cruise price or a cruise price for a group, depending on if you want to fly or drive. Next, you pick a time when there aren’t a zillion kids going to be running around and also a time when it’s not going to be sidewalk egg frying time in the Caribbean.

It is going to the Southern Caribbean to avoid any possibility of problems in Mexico, especially after the AAA cautions about Americans vacationing in Mexico

It is going to port out of Port Canaveral because it is the closest port that hosts cruises to those destinations. It is close to Orlando International Airport with shuttle service to the port. The port also has excellent parking lot access as well.

It is going to be a 7 day cruise. Why? After trekking all the way to FL to meet the ship, it is not worth the effort unless you have a reasonable length cruise to enjoy.

Pricing is determined (in addition to seasonal changes and cruise companies) by location on the ship. The lowest pricing is for an interior cabin. No window. Not critical because you don’t spend that much time in the room anyway. It’s basically a place to sleep. Exterior cabin - you get either a porthole or small window. For the benefit of the claustrophobic but more expensive. The windows don’t open but you can see out.  Within these two categories, there are different deck levels which cause price variations. Balcony rooms. More expensive yet, but a private balcony nice half the time while at port (you can see the port or not depending on which side of the ship is harborside) or to catch the sea breeze while sailing. We’re looking at around $499 to $699 per person max for interior or exterior standard average cabin plus cost to get to the port by air or car. Sound Pricey? For you first time cruisers, this is includes all food, great food, sinfully good food and as much as you want, anytime. The ship we are currently viewing with most favor is a Royal Caribbean ship, Freedom of the Seas which can be toured on line at their website

Anyway, as details become less murky, we will continue to canvas for interest. The more people, likely the less individual costs. We’ll let you know.


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