We’re looking for your picture. You know who you are!

Contact Us

If you have any additional information about either yourself or another of our classmates, please email us at the following addresses:

If you would like to email a recent photo, please provide at least a 640 x 480 shot so we can all see ya.

Facebook and other social networking site thumbnail photos are often too tiny for old eyes to see! Just send your digital pics as an email attachment to Linda Lively Yuan.

If you want to send in an actual photo, call Linda Lively Yuan at 812-425-3255. You can make arrangements to get it to her and back to you.

We have all heard the reasons why we can’t contact someone. We are more interested in hearing ways how we CAN. If we want to get a big turnout for our class events, we need to talk it up, to contact everyone on top of the dirt regardless of what they’ve said about it before. It’s a brand new day; it’s a brand new way. The same way our generation changed the world, let’s change how things are done here too.

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