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Daniel Wertz

Daniel Wertz 8th Grade Graduation 1963-4 Thanks to Kenny Martin for this photo. We can use some help with the names on this one.

Eight Grade Graduation

It’s the motherlode courtesy of William Wimberley Any corrections, spelling etc. Billy’s handwriting could be better.

top row l-r: Peggy Phelps, Kathy Green, Carolyn Newcomb, Nancy Ours, Derethea Roberson, Priscilla Blades, Kathy Bush, Betty Williams
2nd row l-r: Bobby Weaver, Tommy Wright, Mike Stonecipher, Eddie McKendrie, Billy Wimberly, Phil Townsend, Kenny Martin, Steve Schnell, Jackie McKendree, Phil Peckinpaugh
3rd row k-r: Mike Brown, David Gwaltney, Keny Holtzclaw, Tommy Sales, Wayne Ruetter, Julie Hollingsworth, Pam Driskill, Carolyn Holmes, Clyde Hawes, DW Scoles
bottom row: Evelyn Gulick, Lalah Roe, Terry Hurt, Terry Gamblin, Diana Johnson, Sally Schmeing, Marjorie Beals, Barbara Wimberly, Paula Dorris, Pam Williams
Teachers: Mr. Musgrave, Mrs. Wilson, Mr. Susott

Daniel Wertz May Day? Photo thanks to Tom Sales via Terry Hurt

Names, anyone?

daniel wertz 5guys

L-R: John Wayne Reutter, Mike Stonecipher, Tom Sales, Phil Townsend, Jackie McKendree

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