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Lost but not Gone

We’ve gone on forced march to locate everyone. We’ve used Facebook; we’ve tried to encourage folks to move from the useless Classmates.com; we’ve used White pages, we’ve tried to locate children on Facebook, we’ve used the local phone book; we’ve talked to the people we’ve contacted asking about them, but up to this point, we’ve had no luck contacting the following classmates.

All we have left are tenuous personal connections to utilize. If you know the whereabouts of any of these, your classmates, make a phone call, ask about. We’ve included whatever hints we have culled. And, remember what we originally said about the possibility of people getting lost by design? It’s possible. Secret agents, double identities, witness protection. Who knows what stories there are to tell........

So......Here they are. If you notice a few holes in the list. It’s because we’ve located folks. Their status will be listed on the individual alphabetical pages. Now some we have locations - we mean we haven’t confirmed that our records are correct - by talking to them on the phone.

Thanks to Beth Grosheart Swope, we’ve removed some names here. They were either on our list in error or weren’t really in the class; just got their diplomas in ‘67.



Bill Pearson (Las Vegas)

William Hall

David Buchanan


William Spaulding

Rebecca Brown (Jewell) - Louisville KY?

James Kirby



Mary Sanders Gant


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