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Scott School

Scott School 1962-63


Top Row: Donna Vogel, Alan Thornton, Sandy Johnson, Mr. Bosse, Angela Hempen, Kenny Jackson, Roxanne Small
2nd row from top: Ed Voliva, Sally Schnute, Darlene Phelps, Steve Mann
3rd row from top: Charlotte Scott, David Woodburn, Arthur Mitchem, Dennis Owen, Austin Samanns?, Steve Frohbieter, Susan Smith
Bottom row: Bill Phelps, Janeece Scherzinger, Tom Rankin, Larry Broerman, Wallace Nelson, Susan Morrison, Harold Reiman
Names and photo thanks to Susie Morrison Wehrfritz

Who has a picture of Mrs. Pohlein’s class? Susie Morrison does:


The names left to right, top to bottom:

Craig Fenneman, Revetta Perkins, Harold Reimann, Mrs. Poehlein, Ralph Scherer, Susan Cobb, Robert Freeman
Marsha Oistad, Joel Graper, Gerald Foster, Mary Scott
Karl Dosch, Carolyn Postal, Steve Harmon, Dottie Eaton, Ron Owen, Donna Croft, Ed Merritt
Karen Miller, Buford Lundy, Connie Schwake, Jim Nunn, Debby Story, Jerry Johnson, Barb Deutsch



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