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West Terrace

We decided the 8-1 picture originally depicted was really the 7-1 photo so we switched them. If anyone thinks otherwise, let us know. It just looks like it’s right now. The kids look older.

WEST TERRACE SCHOOL 1959-60 - 8-1:(Still working on IDs on this one - if you see yourself or someone you know, email us. Go left to right and name the row from bottom to top; e.g., Linda Lively, Row 1 [bottom row] 3rd from left.)


Top Row, L-R: Norma Naab, ??, Terry Williams, Mike Tiemann, Ron Conners, Mr. Hauselmeir, Richard Payne, Terry Hudson, DeJong Malin, Karen Pfettscher
Middle L-R: Tom Zurstadt, Eugene Wegener, Ralph Green, Tim Gerbig, Judy Winternheimer, Debbie Fisher, Shirley Herrenbruck, Laurel Hape, Susie Barnett
Bottom L-R: Mike Williams, Bobbie Greenwood, Linda Lively, Diana Blake, Ronnie Martin, Steve McCullough, Roger Cox, Steve Deig, Gary Burkhart

WEST TERRACE SCHOOL 1959-60 - 8-2:


Top row: Nancy Kuebler, Pam Carroll, Carolyn Johnston, Donald Burch, Billy Majors, Mr. Wilson, Mickey Connors, Debbie Palmer, Barbara Barrows, Connie James
Middle Row: Tom Lilly, Jay Ayers, Bud (Jess) Searle, Mike Hoppel, Tom Griffeth, Donald Walling, Becky Garrett, Beverly Leach, Linda Lucas.
Bottom Row: Tonja Rosso, Bethanna Walker, Janet Kares, Marilyn Brinker, Wayne Jordon, Glenn Jones, Gary Malin, Terry Williams, Mark Hahn

West Terrace 7-1


Bottom row: l-r: Mike Williams, Steve Deig, Linda Lively, Susie Barnett, Diana Blake, Ralph “Tim” Gerbig, Tom Zurstadt, ??, Gary Burkhart
Middle Row: ??, Laurel Hape, Eugene Wegener, Dafralyn Mullens, Karen Pfettscher, Terry Hudson, Steve McCullough, Ronnie Martin, Ralph Green
Top Row: Judy Winternheimer, Shirley Herrenbruck, Debbie Fisher, Terry Williams, Mr. Kohlmeyer, Ron Connors, Dejong Malin, Mike Tiemann, Norma Naab
Names compliments of Jess Searle, Steve Deig and Linda Lively Yuan. Can you fill in the blanks?

West Terrace 7th Grade - 7-2  Photo courtesy of Linda Lucas Murray

West Terrace 7thgrade

Top Row: Mr. Graves, Nancy Kuebler, Carolyn Johnston, Mike Conners, Marla Oberhausen, Debby Palmer, Billy Majors, Donald Burch, Larry Essary,
Middle Row: Tom Lilly, Jess Searle, Tom Griffith, Pam Carroll, Barbara Barrows, Beverly Leach, Connie James, Jay Ayers, Wayne Jordan
Bottom Row: Terry Williams, Bethanna Walker, Linda Lucas, Marilyn Brinker, Glenn Jones, Mike Hoppel, Tonja Rosso, Janet Kares, Mark Hahn,Gary Malin

West Terrace 6-1


Top Row: Pam Carroll, Beverly Leach, Billy Johnson, Richard Payne, DeJong Malin, Wayne Ruetter, Connie Thompson
Middle: Steve McCullough, Norma Naab, Judy Winternheimer, Shirley Herrenbruck, Jay Ayres, Mike Hoppel, Wayne Jourdan
Bottom: Roger Cox, Gary Malin, Cecellia Dillworth, Mr. Wilson, Janet Kares, Linda Lively, Susan Barnett, Terry Williams

Reitz 1967 in West Terrace 6th grade - 6-2

Westterrace 6-2

Bottom Row: Mike Williams, Beth Walker, Linda Lucas, Tonja Rosso, Darrelyn Mullins, Mark Hahn, Gary Burkhart
Middle Row: Tom Lilly, Terry Hudson, Jess Searle, Tom Griffeth, Karen Pfettscher, Carolyn Johnston, Glenn Jones, Ronnie Martin
Top Row: Barb Barrows, Billy Majors, Tommy Axelson, Carolyn Woehler, Debby Fisher, Mike Tiemann, Nancy Kuebler, Miss Michals

Reitz 1967 in West Terrace 4th grade:


Top Row: Debbie Fisher, Tom Griffith, Billy Majors, Mike Tiemann, Carolyn Woehler, Patricia Lyman, ??, Pam Carroll
2nd Row from top: Rodger Cox, Wayne Jordon, Judy Winternheimer, Shirley Herrenbruck, Richard Lionell, Connie Tompson, Carolyn Johnston, Wayne Ruetter, Tom Lilly Terry McGuire, Norma Naab, Miss Aldredge,
3rd row from top: Janet Bushkill, Darrelyn Mullins, Janet Kares, Ricky Luderboch, Jay Ayers, Jess Searle, Steve McCollough, Terry Hudson, Mike Hoppell, Glenn Jones, Ronnie Martin
Bottom Row: Gary Burkhart, Robert Smeider, Steve Deig, Gary Malin, Terry Williams, Karen Pfettscher, Linda Lively, Susan Barnett, Marilyn Brinker, Bethanna Waler, Linda Lucas, Mike Williams

Reitz 1967 in West Terrace 3rd grade:

WestTerrace 3rd

Top Row: Miss Merrill, Steve McCollough, Larry Corn, Karen Pfettscher, Janet Kares Janel Bushkill, Norma Naab, Beverly Kirts, Susan Barnett, Frances Madden, Jesse Snider, Ronnie Martin, Steve Lattos, Shirley Herrenbruck, Debbie Fisher Terry Judson
Middle Row: Judy Winternheimer, Mike Kopple, Glenn Jones, Mike Tiemann, Billy Johnson, Wayne Ritter, Carolyn Woehler, Jess Searle, Pam Carroll, Nancy Kuebler, Connie Tompson, Wayne Jordan, Ricky Louderbach
Bottom Row: Mike Williams, Gordon Wright, Bethanna Walter, Tommy Zurstadt, Harris Strueh, Gary Malin, Tommy Townsend, Terry Williams, Linda Lively, Robert Smieter, Linda Lucas, Marilyn Brinker, Gary Burkhart

West Terrace 2nd Grade

west terrace 2nd grade miss hanshoe adj2

Bottom Row: Donald Jones, Vaughn Pemberton, Gary Burkhart, Bethanna Walker, Michael Sahady, Marilyn Brinker, Janel Buschkill, Gary Malin, Steve Lottes, Ronnie Martin, Karen Pfettscher
Middle Row: Mrs. Hanshoe, Billy Johnson, Debby Fisher, Nancy Kuebler, Joe Bartley, Ricky Louterbach, Wayne Jourdan, Pamela Carroll, Norma Naab, Ken Williams, Wayne Ruetter, Danny Hale
Top Row: Susan Barnett, Janet Kares, Jackie Gebhart, Patricia Boards, Michael Hoppel, Glenn Jones, Frances Madden, Larry Korn, Steve McCullough, Terry Hudson, Connie Thompson



Another West Terrace photo thanks to Kris Searle. As always, help on the names is always appreciated

Front Row: (Don’t know the first 4) Pam Wegner, ________ Newcomb, Mike Williams, Lana Williams

\Second Row: Pam Payne, Sandy Vezzoso, Jess Searle, Carolyn Woehler, (don’t know), Mike Tieman, (don’t know the last two)

Top Row: Mrs. Wielgus, Ron Rowe, (don’t know), Jay Rigsby, Dennis Woehler, Terry Williams,  (don’t know), Judy Winternheimer, Tom Townsend

Photo courtesy of Marilyn Brinker (Brandsasse) who is in the photo:

West Terrace Band

Percussion Row:  Ron Conners,  DeJong Malin,  Jay Rigsby,  ??,  Janet Kares, Mr. Bruck
Nancy Leibring, Marilyn Brinker, ??, Steve Becker, Randy Wiggins, ??. David Beal, Tim Gerbig, Tom Griffith, Gerald Jones, Donald Walling, Jess Searle, David Clark, Steve Sanford,  Tom Fisher, Tom Beer?
2nd Row:  Jane Naab, Brenda Sinnett,  Gary Harper, Shirley Herrenbruck, Norma Naab,  Doug Naab,, Nancy Buck,  Jane Orth,  Sharon Gray, Nancy Schmitt, , Ron Rowe
1st Row:  Susan McKinney, Marla Oberhausen, Brenda Shauss, Sandy Vezozzo Children on the floor:  Greg Sinnett, ???, Allison Geiser
NAMES Courtesy of Kris Searle (Jess’s sister) and Nancy Buck Lehmann


Back row: Steve Sanford, Tim Strueh, Mike Conners, Joe Bartley, Ron Conners, Steve Hape, Jeff Downey, Donald Burch
Front row: Tom Beer, Tom Fisher, Steve McCullough, Terry Hudson, Jay Ayers Tom Lilly, Ken Strueh, John Wiehe

taken on 2/26/1963 - played dexter, lost 44-33 terry hudson scored 19, Steve Mccullough scored 14


top row: Steve Hape, Tim Strueh, Mike Conners, Ron Conners, Mike Tiemann, Joe Bartley,
Middle row: Tom Shinnamann, ? Downey, Don Burch, Terry Hudson, Jay Ayers
bottom Row: Tom Fischer, Steve McCullough, Tom Beer, Tom Lilly, Ken Streuh (Thanks to Kris Searle for corrections and missing names)


One of Don’s kids decided that the coach and Jay’s high top should be yellow.

bottom row: Tom Griffith, Jay Ayres, Terry Hudson, Tom Lilly, Jess Searle, Steve McCullough
middle row: Don Burch, Mike Tiemann, deJong Malin, Bill Majors, Steve Walker, Steve Hape
top row: Jerry Whitsell, Ron Conners, Mike Conners, ??, Joe Bartley, Randy Newboles
(Thanks to Kris Searle for corrections)


Shirley Herrenbruck, Carolyn Johnston, Debbie Fisher, Diane Blake, Susan Barnett

The Girl’s Choir


Nice socks, girls. Help us plug in some names. photo courtesy of Carolyn Johnston Warnick.
Top: Connie James, Carolyn Johnston, Nancy Buck, Deb Palmer, Mrs. Horne, Karen Pfettscher, Pam Carroll, Nancy Kuebler, Kaye Tyson,
Row 2: ??, Laurel Hape,  Linda Lucas, Janalou Walker, ??, ??, Shirley Herrenbruck, ??,
Row 3: ?Dilbeck, ??, Julie Schoettlin, Sharon Gray, Connie Strange, Kathy Johnston Martin, Linda Lively, Tonja Rosso
Row 4: Kathy Wilhite, Mary Etta Leach, Deborah Herschelman, Janet Kares, Beth Ann Walker, Diana Murphy, Paulette Wiseman, Yolanda Malin                    Names courtesy of Carolyn Johnston Warnick with name help from Kris Searle.

Another band picture!


It’s June 1959, and Marilyn Brinker and Susie Barnett are plotting and scheming while leaning on the West Terrace wall. Photo courtesy of Carolyn Johnston Warnick

West Terrace 8th Grade Graduation Party - Brenners Party House

West Terrace 8th grade graduation Tonja Rosso and Mike Hopple

??,??, Tonja Rosso, Mike Hoppel, ??,??, ??, Tom Zurstadt

west terrace 8th grade graduation

Nancy Kuebler, Linda Lively, Linda Lucas, Pam Oldham, ??, Dianna Blake, Janet Kares


Yes, that’s right. It’s Cecilia “Doodles” Dillworth.

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